Data 100 Resources

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Fall 2020


Guides are supplements to lecture.

Topic Resources
Feature Engineering guide
Train-Test Split, Validation guide
Regularization guide
Bias-Variance Tradeoff guide
Logistic Regression guide
Decision Trees guide
PCA guide
Clustering guide

Other Resources

Spring 2020

Discussion Slides + Worksheets

Week Resources
1 worksheet
2 worksheet, guide
3 slides
4 N/A
5 no slides or worksheet
6 slides, worksheet
7 slides, worksheet
8 slides
9+ switched to guides (due to COVID-19)

Fall 2019

Discussion Slides + Worksheets

Week Resources
6 slides
7 worksheet
8 slides, worksheet
9 slides, worksheet
10 slides, worksheet
11 slides, worksheet
12+ the projector broke, so I had to use the whiteboard :(